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Warren uses an objective and transparent approach to developing legal strategies. Calm under pressure, he is adept at navigating the most complex IP controversies.

G. Warren Bleeker is a partner in Lewis Roca's Intellectual Property Practice Group. Warren assists clients in resolving complex IP controversies involving design and utility patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and claims of unfair competition. He oversees and employs customized strategies depending on the particular IP rights at issue, the amount in controversy, and the client's budget. He has devised and implemented strategies, including litigation in federal and state courts, cancellation and opposition proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and patent reexamination proceedings. Warren has trial experience and has argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Warren has counseled and represented numerous Fortune 500 clients, mid and small-size corporations, nonprofits, and individuals in areas of commerce, including apparel, handbags, and accessories, spirits, wine, and beer, banks, water purification systems, industrial manufacturing, toys, exercise equipment, electronics, cutlery design, oil and gas, photography and photography accessories, food preparation, restaurant, and the music and entertainment industries.

Personal Approach

When faced with a time sensitive and complex IP controversy, Warren is the lawyer you want on your side. He is calm and collected, executing aggressive, well thought-out strategies under pressure to achieve his client’s desired outcomes. Clients value his honest and transparent assessment of the risks and benefits of situations allowing for informed decision-making.

Warren is passionate about expanding his own knowledge. With his diverse client base, he enjoys the challenge of learning about the wide range of industries and technologies they represent.

A world traveler, Warren’s most memorable trip was to Rwanda where he and his wife hiked to see endangered mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park and visited Rwandan genocide memorial centers. He most recently traveled to Ecuador in 2019 with his family where they explored Quito, cloud forests, and the Galapagos Islands.

More About G. Warren Bleeker


  • J.D., University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, 2000
  • B.A., summa cum laude, Political Science, Emporia State University, 1996

Bar Admissions

  • California, 2000

Court Admissions

  • U.S. District Court, Central District of California
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
  • U.S. District Court, Southern District of California
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit


  • Community First, Board Member/Treasurer, 2019-present
  • Sierra Madre Elementary Annual Fund Chair, 2018-2020
  • ProVisors, Group Member, 2010-present
  • Families First Learning Center, Board Member, 2010-2017
  • Central District of California Pro Bono Panel, Member
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association, Member
  • State Bar of California, Intellectual Property Law Section
  • Defense Research Institute (DRI), Intellectual Property Litigation Committee

Representative Matters

Copyright Cases

  • Successfully resolved copyright claims asserted against client regarding the designs of hats and caps. E4hats.com v. Gravity Trading, Inc., Case No. 8:19-cv-00864-AG (DFMx) (C.D. Cal. 2019).
  • Obtained consent judgment and permanent injunction as to eight counts of copyright infringement and damages of $120,000 on behalf of large knife distributor against its competitor following favorable summary judgment ruling.  Master Cutlery, Inc. v. Pacific Solution Marketing, Inc., Case No. CV 13-9096 JAK (PLAx) (C.D. Cal. 2015).
  • Obtained favorable settlement on behalf of large knife distributor against competitor accused of committing 12 counts of copyright infringement. Neptune Trading, Inc., et al. v. Master Cutlery, Inc., Case No. CV 13-2349 PSG (Ex) (C.D. Cal. 2015).
  • Defended a Paso Robles-based winery against claims of copyright infringement by uncovering decades-old golf tournament programs proving that key images were not copyrightable and by asserting that registration at issue was invalid for failing to comply with regulations for group works; prior to summary judgment briefing on these issues the case settled and the claims were dismissed with prejudice. Veris Management Co. d/b/a Jankris Vineyards v. Jules Alexander, Case No. CV 11-1962 VBF (JEMx) (C.D. Cal. 2012). 
  • Defended well-known toy manufacturer Wham-O against charges of copyright infringement and trade dress infringement concerning the manufacture and sale of kite products; negotiated a successful settlement of the matter; following settlement, the claims were dismissed with prejudice. Brainstormproducts, LLC v. Wham-O, Inc. and Wham-O Marketing, Inc., Case No. 13-CV-1178 WQH (BLMx) (S.D. Cal. 2013). 
  • Obtained numerous judgments and negotiated successful settlements on behalf of membership association of composers, songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers for copyright infringement for unauthorized public performances of protected musical works. Van Halen Music, et al. v. Okefenokee Inc., et al., Case No. 2:02-cv-02774 SVW (SH) (C.D. Cal. 2002); Warner Bros Inc., et al. v. Robert L Antonini, Case No. 2:03-cv-04271 FMC (JWJx) (C.D. Cal. 2004); Controversy Music, et al. v. Prado Enterprises LLC, et al., Case No. 2:05-cv-02720 MMM (PJWx) (C.D., Cal. 2005); LA Posse Music, et al. v. Bene Benwikere, Case No. 2:05-cv-06858 RGK (QWJx) (C.D. Cal. 2006); Center City Music, et al. v. Frank  T. Brinias, Case No. 5:02-cv-00587 RT (SGLx) (C.D. Cal. 2003); Quartet Music Inc., et al. v. Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom Inc., et al., Case No. 5:05-cv-00112 VAP (SGLx) (C.D. Cal. 2005); Jobete Music Co. Inc., et al. v. WFO Entertainment Group, et al., Case No. 8:03-cv-00062 GLT (MLGx) (C.D. Cal. 2003).
  • Negotiated successful settlement on behalf of Defendant clothing retailers, designers, and manufacturers accused of copyright infringement after uncovering evidence that the Defendants had superior rights to the copyrighted design and therefore were entitled to copyright damages from the Plaintiff. Unicolors, Inc., et al. v. J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc., et al., Case No. CV 07-2584 JFW (RZx) (C.D. Cal. 2008).

Trademark Cases

  • Currently representing craft spirits manufacturer and distributor in trademark infringement suit against large alcohol conglomerate. Lodestar Anstalt v. Bacardi USA, Inc., et al., Case No. 16-cv-06411-CAS (C.D. Cal. 2016)/ 19-55864 (9th Cir. 2020).
  • Negotiated successful settlement on behalf of craft beer manufacturer and distributor in trademark infringement suit involving ROUTE 66 trademarks. Lodestar Anstalt v. Route 66 Junkyard Brewery, et al., Case No. 1:17-cv-00062-JCH/JHR (D. N.M.).
  • Negotiated successful settlement on behalf of a large publicly traded fashion company regarding protection of its triangle trademarks. Guess? IP Holder L.P. v. Yoga Smoga, LLC et al., Case No. 19-cv-5072-GW (C.D. Cal. 2019); Yoga Smoga, LLC et al v. Guess? IP Holder L.P., Case No. 19-cv-07974 (S.D.N.Y. 2020); Guess? IP Holder L.P. v. Yoga Smoga, Inc. and Yoga Smoga, LLC, Opp'n No. 91209107 (T.T.A.B. 2020).
  • Negotiated successful settlements on behalf of Swiss air filter manufacturer against third-parties selling low quality, unauthorized replacement filters. IQAir North America, Inc., et al. v. Crucial Vacuum, LLC, et al., Case No. CV 14-9631 JFW (RZx) (C.D. Cal. 2015); IQAir North America, Inc. et al. v. Roome Technologies, Inc., Case No. CV 14-7684 MMM (PJWx) (C.D. Cal. 2015). 
  • Defended claim of trademark infringement regarding the mark HOLLYSCOOP; successfully resolved the matter by uncovering evidence that the Plaintiff lost ownership of her claimed trademark registration prior to filing suit. Wendy Wheaton v. Rev New Media, Inc., Case No. CV 13-6226 RGK (SSx) (C.D. Cal. 2014).
  • Obtained temporary restraining order and permanent injunction against Defendant solar panel manufacturer accused of trademark infringement and unfair competition. Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., et al. v. Shenzhen Xintian Solar Technology Co., Ltd., Case No. 08-CV 1582 H NLS (S.D. Cal. 2008).

Patent Cases

  • Negotiated successful settlement on behalf of client asserting patent infringement claim regarding disposable sanitary gauge tees. Meissner Filtration Prods. Inc. v. Nordson Medical Corp., Case No. 2:20-cv-01078 (C.D. Cal. 2020).
  • Negotiated successful settlement on behalf of client accused of infringing patent relating to QR codes. Symbology Innovations, Inc. v. Houdini, Inc. dba Wine Country Gift Baskets, Case No. 8:20-cv-00804-CBM (DFMx) (C.D. Cal. 2020).
  • Currently defending manufacturer of products used in building construction against claims of patent infringement. Alfred Miller Contracting Company v. Carboline Company, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, Case No. 17-CV-00988-UDJ-KK  (W.D. La.); Alfred Miller Contracting Company v. Stockton Products Inc., U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Case No. 2:17-cv-05811-AB (GJSx) (C.D. Cal.).
  • Successfully resolved dispute involving claims of patent infringement involving consumer products. Free-Free (USA) Inc., DBA Felli Housewares v. Housewares International Inc., Case No. 2:17-cv-03142-SJO (Ex) (C.D. Cal. 2019).
  • Defended large knife distributor against claim of design patent infringement; case was dismissed with prejudice following favorable summary judgment ruling as to non-infringement. Pacific Solution Marketing, Inc. v. Master Cutlery, Inc., Case No. CV 13-1469 JAK (PLAx) (C.D. Cal. 2015).
  • Negotiated successful settlement on behalf of Defendant manufacturer of plastic card products accused of patent infringement after uncovering evidence that formed the basis of a claim of inequitable conduct against the inventor of the patents asserted by the Plaintiff. Advanced Card Technologies LLC v. Harvard Label, Inc., et al., Case No. CIV 07-1269 D (W.D. Okla. 2010). 
  • Obtained summary judgment of non-infringement as to all 44 asserted patent claims on the grounds that the accused blanket product was knit, not woven; obtained an award of lawyers’ fees against Plaintiff and its lawyers on grounds that it was an exceptional case and counsel for Plaintiff unreasonably and vexatiously multiplied the proceedings. International Intellectual Management Corporation v. Lee Yunn Enterprises, Inc. (U.S.A.), Case No. CV 08-7587 R (JWJx) (C. D. Cal. 2009).
  • Negotiated successful settlement on behalf of manufacturer of wireless controller used with Nintendo Wii gaming system accused of patent and trademark infringement. Nintendo of America, Inc. v. NYKO Technologies, Inc., Case No. 08-cv-907 (W.D. Wash. 2009).

Trade Secret/Unfair Competition/False Advertising Cases

  • Successfully resolved dispute on behalf of bank alleging that former employee misappropriated trade secrets. East West Bank v. Mehtani, Case No. 3:19-cv-06531-LB (N.D. Cal. 2020).
  • Successfully resolved dispute involving claims of unfair competition and false advertising between two manufacturers of water purification systems. Advanced Purification Engineering Corp. v. iSpring Water Systems, LLC, Case No. KC069602 (Los Angeles Superior Court, 2019).
  • Successfully resolved dispute involving claims of false advertising between two manufacturers of humidity regulation products. Desiccare, Inc. v. Boveda, Case No. 16- cv-00702 SVW (GJSx) (C.D. Cal. 2017).
  • Obtained consent judgment and permanent injunction, requiring $1 million payment, on behalf of electric motor manufacturer, against a former employee and consultant who used confidential information without permission, following successful summary judgment motions. Reuland Electric Co. v. Burgi Engineers, LLC, Case No. CV 13-9499 SJO (JCx) (C.D. Cal. 2015).
  • Obtained a complete defense verdict for Defendant multi-national company following a five day bench trial and extensive post trial briefing involving claims of trade secret misappropriation and breach of contract relating to a technology sharing agreement for the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced pipe; Plaintiffs sought at least $10 million in damages; the Court ruled in favor of Defendant on all counts and Plaintiffs did not appeal the judgment. Petroplast Petrofisa Plasticos et al. v. Ameron International Corp., Case No. 4304-VCP, Delaware Court of Chancery (July 31, 2012). 
  • Negotiated successful settlement on behalf of Plaintiff inventor of unique food preparation technology against former employees accused of extensive trade secret misappropriation and unfair competition. Del Real I.LC v. Mi Quinta Foods, et al., Case No. RIC 454116 (Riverside Sup. Ct. 2008).

Recent Pro Bono Cases

  • Currently representing an unaccompanied minor from Guatemala in immigration proceedings.
  • Represented a client who was defrauded by her former attorney in a Social Security benefits matter (2019). 
  • Represented a client who alleged physical abuse by prison guard (2018-2019).

Honors & Recognitions

  • California State Bar President's Pro Bono Service Award (Large Firm), Member of litigation team
  • Los Angeles Business Journal, Leaders of Influence: Thriving in Their 40s, 2023



  • Co-Speaker, "Key Intellectual Property Updates," Los Angeles County Bar Association Webinar, November 19, 2019
  • Speaker, "Non-traditional Trademarks and Celebrity Look-a-like Disputes," Los Angeles County Bar Association, October 17, 2019
  • Co-Speaker, "You Can Trademark a Sound or Smell? D'oh," Los Angeles County Bar Association, Entertainment Law and IP Section, October 17, 2019
  • Speaker, "Non-traditional Trademarks," ProVisors Global Group Meeting, April 9, 2019
  • Speaker, "Immoral and Scandalous Trademarks," ProVisors Global Group Meeting, November 12, 2018
  • Speaker, “Basics of False Advertising/IP Law Updates,” ProVisors Global Group, June 13, 2017
  • Speaker, “Recent Developments in Copyright Law,” 2016 DRI Annual Meeting, October 20, 2016
  • Speaker, "The Ethics of Your Favorite TV Lawyers," ProVisors Global Group Meeting, January 2016
  • Co-Speaker with Gary Nelson, “Trademark Game Show,” ProVisors Global Group Meeting, August 2015
  • Speaker, “’Hey-You Stole My Ladybug!!’ An Intellectual Property Case Study,”  ProVisors Global Group, April, 2014
  • Speaker, “Protecting Your Trade Secrets In the U.S. and Abroad,” ProVisors Global Group Meeting, May, 2013
  • Speaker, “The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA): What Our Clients Should Know,” ProVisors Global Group Meeting, November, 2011
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