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*Access the State Requirements For Decommissioning End-Stage Renewable Energy Projects report here

As the first generations of large renewable energy projects reach the end of their useful lives, there is increasing focus and attention on how these projects will be decommissioned, repowered, or recycled. Challenges include managing large quantities of materials that can be difficult to recycle, addressing contracts and project agreements that do not clearly address end-of-life responsibilities, and driving or adapting to evolving regulatory models at different levels of government.

Developers and landowners will need to carefully consider these complex issues as projects approach their end of life. Careful planning around the impacts and opportunities presented by various end-of-life options can help maximize the many economic and environmental benefits that solar and wind projects provide while mitigating potential risks and conflicts.

Lewis Roca’s Renewable Energy End-of-Life Planning Group works with companies, organizations, and state and local governments to provide counsel and guidance on regulatory, business, litigation, and intellectual property matters on projects through the end-of-life cycle.

Our services include:

  • Navigating regulatory challenges and opportunities around the renewable energy lifecycle
  • Real estate and land use issues related to renewable facilities
  • Storage, disposal, and recycling of renewable energy facility materials and equipment
  • Permitting and planning for storage, recycling, and disposal facilities
  • Issues related to tribal governments, land, and resources
  • Implementation of reuse of earth minerals
  • Legislative and regulatory affairs
  • Contract management, project agreements, and power purchase agreements
  • Compliance management and planning for existing and future facilities
  • Protecting intellectual property for newly developed technologies and companies
EOL Report

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This Lewis Roca study is an invaluable resource for all stakeholders involved in the decommissioning process. Learn about mandates relating to:

  • The development (and updating) of decommissioning plans. 
  • Land restoration requirements.
  • Bonding requirements to ensure decommissioning financing. 
  • Many additional topics.

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