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Perfecting a Mechanic's Lien in Nevada


Overview of Construction Liens

The Nevada Revised Statutes set forth the scope and requirements for perfecting a mechanics’ lien. A “construction lien” is a statutory lien in favor of contractors, materialmen and others to secure payment of labor rendered and services provided. A “construction lien” is also known as a “mechanics’ lien,” “materialman’s lien,” “subcontractor’s lien” and various other names. The Nevada statutory scheme, Chapter 108, refers to these liens as “mechanics’ liens.”

The basic premise underlying mechanics’ liens is that those who have their lands improved should pay for the labor rendered and the materials delivered. All 50 states have adopted mechanics’ lien laws.

Contractors and others who have lien rights can either have their attorneys prepare and serve all notices and documents necessary to perfect lien rights or train in-house personnel in the necessary procedures to properly perfect a mechanics’ lien.

This guide is intended to provide an overview of what is necessary in order to perfect a mechanics’ lien in Nevada.

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