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Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie Forms Innovative Alliance to Address Data Protection and Cybersecurity

Press Release

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP has announced a strategic alliance with eosedge Legal to provide clients a full range of legal and technical data protection and cybersecurity services. The alliance addresses clients’ needs for a comprehensive data protection and cybersecurity program by examining the entire lifecycle of information and focusing on gaps and vulnerabilities in business operations.

The Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie strategic alliance with eosedge Legal was developed in collaboration with eosedge Legal founder, Doug DePeppe, a cyber law attorney and former advisor to the White House 60-day Cyberspace Policy Review, as well as the then National Cybersecurity Division, Department of Homeland Security. eosedge Legal has unique expertise in cyber and important ties with government programs to help clients navigate the multiple levels of complexity that can emerge with serious cyberattack incidents.

“Most small to mid-size companies aren’t prepared for a cyber-attack and could be crippled operationally or financially in the event of an attack. Many law firms in this space are focused on post breach response and clean-up,” said Ken Van Winkle, managing partner of Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie. “Our alliance with eosedge Legal looks to help clients build protections against cyber threats. It expands our ability to work with clients to integrate cyber and technical preparedness with their day-to-day business operations – such as insurance and employee policies, IP asset protections and digital communications strategies. If clients aren’t addressing the intersection of those core business functions in a digital world – they are more vulnerable.”

“The eosedge Legal and Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie alliance offers something different,” said DePeppe. “Our vertically integrated, interdisciplinary team delivers a law-led approach, teamed with cyber vendors, that affords the advantages of confidentiality and privacy. In the event of an attack, you want a cyber-law firm, not a cyber-consulting firm.”

In addition, the alliance with eosedge Legal provides clients access to CyberGaps, a risk analysis platform which evaluates clients’ current systems and determines where there are “gaps” that could potentially lead to a compromise of information. “Through math-based efficacy scoring, CyberGaps™ helps our clients perform their due diligence and reduce their risk exposure to assure a reasonable security posture BEFORE an incident,” said DePeppe.

Hilary Wells leads Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie’s Data Protection and Cybersecurity Practice.  “Data protection rules and regulations are changing and clients need to keep up. In the past, data protection regulations focused primarily on financial institutions and the medical industry. Now, businesses in all industries and regardless of size, are facing legal requirements and potential liability for failing to employ appropriate data protection practices,” said Wells.

Colorado just enacted a data privacy law considered to be among the most demanding in the country. Colorado joins California and a number of other states requiring businesses to implement policies and procedures to protect the personal information they collect. 

“Recognizing the new and developing legal landscape facing many of our clients, we formed the strategic alliance with eosedge Legal to strategically place ourselves in a position to offer legal advice informed by the technical details of our clients’ systems and operations,” Wells said.

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie Cybersecurity and Data Protection attorneys have extensive experience navigating the cybersecurity and data protection issues associated with regulated industries and general business operations. The firm’s legal team reviews and follows the multitude of cybersecurity and data protection laws at the federal and state level and pursuant to key international regulations. The firm’s attorneys hold technical degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, have extensive experience protecting and defending highly confidential data, such as intellectual property, and are certified by professional privacy organizations.


About Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP is an Am Law 200 commercial law firm handling complex matters in litigation, intellectual property, business transactions, gaming, government relations and other practice areas. Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie offices are located in Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Irvine, Phoenix, Reno, Silicon Valley and Tucson. For more information, visit

About eosedge Legal

eosedge Legal is designed for the Cyber Age, offering interdisciplinary cyber risk and cyberlaw solutions. Unlike both traditional law firms and advisory consulting outfits, eosedge Legal attracts military operational law and government cyber attorneys, coupled with commercial cybersecurity experience, to offer an integrated, interdisciplinary package of professional advisory and assistance for the cyber market. Added to that is the trust and privacy afforded under the attorney-client relationship to assure that clients receive independent, tailored, and confidential cyber risk services.


“Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP and eosedge Legal are separate firms that have entered into a joint marketing agreement. All decisions whether to recommend the other’s services will be made with consultation with each client or prospective client to assess their individual needs.”



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