The IP of Everything Podcast - Episode 24 - The IP of Influencers - Part 2


Join us as we delve deeper into the world of social media influencers and the IP challenges they face, with insights from Suzy Holman, a former influencer-turned-expert.

In today's digital era, influencers are key to marketing but face many IP issues. We’ll dive into what "fair use" is and why you should not rely on it, whether reposting photos on your social media is fair use, and if something is fair use when a brand tells you to post certain content.

Suzy Holman’s experience highlights the importance of influencers reviewing their contracts to avoid copyright infringement, obtaining proper licensing for music used in social media posts, and protecting their own content. We’ll also address the question: does Instagram own your child's photos if/when you post them?

By understanding these aspects of IP law, influencers can navigate social media more effectively and protect their creative work.

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