The IP of Everything Podcast - Episode 23 - The IP of Influencers - Part 1


Dive into the world of social media influencers and explore the intellectual property (IP) challenges they face. Gain insights from our hosts and Suzy Holman, a former influencer-turned-expert, as they share valuable tips and strategies.

In today's digital age, social media influencers play a crucial role in marketing strategies. However, with their rise comes a range of IP considerations, from trademark issues to content ownership and licensing agreements.

Suzy Holman's firsthand experience as an influencer brings a unique perspective to these challenges. Learn about the importance of obtaining creator permission before using other people's content, copyright protection, copyright infringement lawsuits, where memes fall within copyright infringement, and more. Explore how being mindful of IP rights can be helpful to influencers and avoid being affected by IP rights issues.

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