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Clients rely on Lewis Roca to resolve their issues quickly and cost effectively through our alternative dispute resolution services. Our lawyers not only represent clients, but also serve as arbitrators and mediators.

We represent national and international clients, and have assisted clients in representing themselves, in arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation, summary jury trial, short trial, and settlement conferences. Our lawyers have substantial experience negotiating and documenting alternative dispute resolution clauses in contracts, from the simple to the complex, including "stepped" provisions beginning with direct party negotiations and leading to either arbitration or litigation, and this experience has proved to be invaluable to our clients. We have also assisted many clients in enforcement of arbitration awards once they have been entered.

The following is a brief summary of alternative dispute resolution forums in which we have extensive knowledge and familiarity:

  • Arbitration – A forum in which parties and counsel present their positions to a neutral party who renders a decision and award
  • Early Neutral Evaluation – A forum in which each side presents its case early in the dispute to a neutral evaluator who has expertise in the subject matter of the case and can suggest possible settlement outcomes
  • Mediation – A procedure in which parties enter into settlement discussions with the assistance of a third-party neutral
  • MED/ARB – A hybrid of mediation and arbitration in which the dispute is first mediated
  • Summary Jury Trial – A trial that is conducted in a manner designated to be completed in no more than two days
  • Short Trial – A form of summary jury trial designed to be completed in one day
  • Settlement Conference – An evaluative mediation performed by a judicial officer that is generally held as a last resort. This is a settlement focused procedure prior to a standard trial

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