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Representation of the local branch of a national firm which brokers temporary services of independent behavioral healthcare professionals to its client base, primarily in the social services and educational sectors. In September 2008, the state court judge entered a permanent injunction in favor of the firm against Defendant upholding restrictive covenants against them for a period 15 months, including a non-compete, non-solicitation and confidentiality covenants. The Order prohibited the Defendant from directly or indirectly contacting, soliciting, diverting or otherwise interfering with any past, current or prospective client companies that they became aware of while acting in the firm's behalf, and contractors likewise in an attempt to induce them to become clients or contractors of the Defendant or of any other person or firm which competes with the plaintiff, or engage in similar work for a company engaged in rendering similar services in the same industry as it. (Chambers 2009; Simonson, Story, Weiss)
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