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Government Relations - Lobbying Experience

Government Relations - Lobbying Experience

Clients define success in many ways. Sometimes success means maintaining the status quo. Other times, it means defeating an opponent’s effort. Many times, clients view success as advancing their own measure. Our ability to maintain long-term relationships with existing clients and the recognition many new clients seek us out speaks volumes about our ability to succeed. A few recent examples of success include assisting clients to:

  • Revise statutes to allow for modernization of court reporting by allowing court reporters to use of voice recognition technology in addition to traditional stenography. After the enactment of the legislation, we worked with the Arizona Judicial Commission and the State Board of Court Reporters on rules needed to implement this new statute.
  • Secure the passage of laws to amend the state’s corporate code to allow corporations to streamline the process for the issuance of stock to permit companies to issue “paperless” certificates.
  • Draft and secure passage of consensus legislation needed to address U.S. Supreme Court decision involving the direct shipment of wine.
  • Draft and secure passage of consensus legislation designed to improve children’s access to dental care.
  • Defeat legislation intended to severely limit spending by government agencies that would have required agencies to eliminate “fund balances”.
  • Defeat legislation which sought to interfere with the rights of family members to choose the final disposition of their loved ones.
  • Defeat legislation that would have interfered with a family’s ability to consent to organ donation after the death of a family member. (In the following two sessions, we worked with MVD staff to improve the flow of information from MVD to the state’s organ donation registry which has led to a significant increase in the size of the state’s organ donor registry.)
  • Defeat legislation promoted by automobile repair facilities that would have interfered with the ability of insurers to assist their customers who needed to repair a vehicle after an accident.
  • Ensure that legislation aimed at preventing fraud in the wholesale drug market contained provisions to permit recognized wholesalers to continue to pass along price savings and efficiencies to health plans and employers.
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