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New Registration Requirements For New And Existing Associated Equipment Manufacturers And Distributors


Recent amendments to Regulation 14 mandate that manufacturers and distributors of associated equipment for use in Nevada are required to register with the Nevada Gaming Commission (“Commission”).

Who Must Register?

A manufacturer or distributor of associated equipment for use in Nevada must register if their associated equipment:

  • Is used directly in gaming;
  • Has the ability to add or subtract cash, cash equivalents or wagering credits to a game, gaming device or cashless wagering system;
  • Interfaces with and affects the operation of a game, gaming device, cashless wagering system or other associated equipment;
  • Is used directly or indirectly in the reporting of gross revenue;
  • Records sales for use in an area subject to the tax imposed by NRS 368A.200; or
  • Is otherwise determined by the Commission to create a risk to the integrity of gaming and protection of the public if not inspected.

How Long is the Registration Effective?

Registration is effective for three calendar years from the effective date of the registration or renewal.

What are the Registration Procedures?

Initial registration, as well as each subsequent renewal, requires that the company file a completed application, along with any required additional information or documents requested by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (“Board”), and pay a $1,000 application fee (“Application”). Additionally, a $1,000 registration fee must be paid before the Commission issues an initial registration or renewal of any registration.

What if the Company has Registered with the Board Previously?

Associated equipment manufacturers and distributors registered with the Board on or before October 1, 2015 are still required to file an Application and pay the required fees during the 2016 calendar year. These Applications must be filed by the 1st day of the month the company’s original registration became effective. For example, if the original registration was effective 24 December, 2003, the associated equipment manufacturer or distributor is required to submit their application on or before December 31, 2016. 

Are There Ongoing Reporting Requirements?

Each registered associated equipment manufacturer or distributor must inform the Board in writing of any changes in the ownership, officers, or directors within 30 days of occurrence. 

If you have any questions, or would like us to assist with preparing a registration application, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


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