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Welcome our 2023 Michael D. Nosler Scholarship Intern


Caileb Booze

Law School: University of Colorado

Undergraduate: Oklahoma State University Bachelor of Science – BS, Applied Sociology

Meet Caileb Booze, the latest addition to the Lewis Roca Michael D. Nosler Scholarship program. Originally from Oklahoma, Caileb pursued his undergraduate studies in Sociology at Oklahoma State University before spending a few years in Dallas, Texas. Ultimately, Caileb's academic journey led him to the University of Colorado Law School.

From a young age, Caileb felt a profound connection to the legal field, recognizing its critical significance as a black man in America. He believes that a deep understanding of the law is essential for personal empowerment and survival. During a CU alumni gathering last fall, he had the pleasure of meeting Angela Vichick, who introduced him to Lewis Roca and sparked his interest in the firm's distinctive culture—a premier firm with a strong community ethos that values individuality over conformity. This encounter served as the catalyst for Caileb's pursuit of the Michael D. Nosler Scholarship.

While Caileb's primary focus lies in litigation, he remains open to evolving passions as he continues to expand his legal knowledge. His true passion, however, lies in advocacy and community involvement. Regardless of his legal focus, Caileb is unwavering in his commitment to being an active member of his community and advocating for those whose voices need to be heard. To him, community involvement encompasses a wide spectrum of activities, from coaching youth basketball to providing pro bono support to asylum seekers and embracing any opportunity in between. As he aptly puts it, "If you ever find it challenging to find a chance to lend a hand, simply step outside, and you'll discover an opportunity."

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Caileb seeks a balance between solitary relaxation and quality time with friends. He often engages in activities such as hosting game nights, embarking on hikes, or participating in pickup basketball games.

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