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Welcome our 2023 Diversity Legal Writing Interns

We officially welcome our 2023 Diversity Legal Writing Interns who have joined us in our Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson offices.


Kathryn Walker

Law School: Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law

Undergraduate: The University of Central Oklahoma, B.A. Applied Liberal Arts, History Minor


Lewis Roca Phoenix Legal Writing Intern, Kathryn Walker. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona but spent some time in Oklahoma running her company, Health Benefits Planning, Inc., selling and serving employee benefits. After losing the joy she once had in her company, she began volunteering for CASA; a program that mobilizes court-appointed volunteers to provide advocacy for children who have experienced abuse or neglect. This Volunteer work inspired her to go to law school, her volunteering position gave her limited authority, and she wanted to do more for the youth in need. Her passion is within advocacy work, specifically within the juvenile justice system, but she isn’t limiting herself to one practice. Walker said, “I think I’ll know when I know what practice I’m meant to be in.”

Outside of Law School, Kathryn is a certified yoga instructor with 24 years of experience teaching yoga, meditation, breathwork, and more.


Monique Rodriguez

Law School: Boyd School of Law – University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Undergraduate: University of Oklahoma, B.A. in History with a Social Studies Education Minor, B.A. in Anthropology


Boyd School of Law Professional Development Intern, Monique Rodriguez. Monique is a Las Vegas native who attended the University of Oklahoma for a dual degree in History with a Social Studies Education minor and Anthropology. After graduating, she started working for non-profits & youth advocate programs. These programs introduced her to the workings of the court and inspired her to go to law school, for she wanted to become a better advocate for the kids. Monique chose Lewis Roca because of how welcoming everyone was. She stated, “Lewis Roca made me feel the most welcome out of all of the Law Firms I visited”. She also loved that Lewis Roca does a great amount of pro bono work. Monique said, “no matter what area of law I go into, I know I want to be heavily involved in Pro Bono work.” This DE&I Internship is important to her because “it’s important to for everyone to see people who look like them in positions of power.”

When Monique isn’t studying, she loves playing board games, watching horror movies, and attending anime conventions.


Melissa McElroy

Law School: University of Colorado

Undergraduate: East Tennessee State University, B.A., Political Science


Lewis Roca Michael D. Nosler Scholarship Intern, Melissa McElroy. Melissa is from Tennessee and received her undergraduate degree from East Tennessee State University in Political Science. She taught English in Germany as part of a Fulbright program for one year before moving to Chicago to work in non-profits. After her work in non-profits for a while, Melissa moved to Colorado to attend Law school. The University of Colorado’s career office introduced her to this internship at Lewis Roca. She stated, “Lewis Roca has a great reputation, and that’s what drove me to apply”. This DE&I Internship is especially important to Melissa because she is an LGBTQ+ Woman in the legal field. She stated, “My generation is certainly one of the first generations of female attorneys and LGBTQ+ attorneys that can be out.” She is interested in many practices and looks forward to receiving everyone’s projects at the firm.

For fun, Melissa enjoys cooking, baking, and ice skating.


Sinnai Avila

Law School: University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law

Undergraduate: University of California, San Diego


Lewis Roca Tucson AMBA Diversity Writing Intern, Sinnai Avila. Sinnai is from Los Angeles, California, and currently resides in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up in California, she was exposed to many environmental injustices, which spearheaded her interest in environmental law and instilled her passion for advocating for Indigenous Peoples’ rights. Her father, a member of the Maya Q’anjob’al Nation in Guatemala and an activist striving for change while facing many dangers, inspired her to pursue her law degree. Sinnai stated, “everything I do is not just for myself, but for future generations.” She chose Lewis Roca because it provides the opportunity for her to elevate her writing skills while being a part of a firm that is making a difference. Sinnai said that “a law firm that has a program highlighting diversity is one that aligns with my interests and background” and “with a team of diverse lawyers focused on Indigenous People’s rights and environmental issues, Lewis Roca provides the resources and knowledge to assist me in accomplishing my goals as an advocate for my community.”

Outside of activism and practicing law, Sinnai loves to whale-watch, go on hikes, and spend time with her partner and Shiba Inu puppy.

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