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On Thursday, November 19th, 2021, the Gaming Control Board (“Board”) held a public workshop to discuss possible amendments to the Nevada Gaming Commission regulations regarding remote registration for wagering accounts used for other than sports, nonpartimutuel race, or “other event” wagering.

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As many businesses are temporarily shutting down and closing their front doors, companies are forced to reevaluate how they are interacting with customers to ensure the continuation of customer loyalty, connections, and the strength of their brands. Yet, despite this unprecedented time of social distancing, many opportunities still exist for businesses to develop and build those connections.

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In a world of shuttered casinos, restaurants and bars, many opportunities still exist for operators to develop business and build their brands through games and sweepstakes on the Internet.

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Washington state legislators have introduced legislation that would amend the definition of “illegal gambling games” in current laws to exclude most video games which would prevent further litigation against game companies.

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